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Name Change Law and Procedures

Missouri Name Change Petitions: Requirements

The basic requirements for Missouri name change petitions are set forth in Rule 95.01 of the Supreme Court Rules, which states as follows

95.01. Petition For Change of Name--Contents
The petition for change of name shall be verified and shall state:
(a) The present name of petitioner and the name desired;
(b) The reason for such desired change;
(c) That the petitioner is a resident of the county in which the change of name is sought;
(d) The date and place of birth of petitioner and petitioner's father's name and mother's maiden name;
(e) If petitioner is married the name of petitioner's spouse and if petitioner has children the names and ages of each and their place of residence;
(f) If petitioner's name has previously been changed, when and where and by what court;
(g) Whether any judgment for money which has not been satisfied is pending against petitioner and, if so, the style of the case wherein the judgment was entered and the court in which the judgment was entered;
(h) Whether any action for money is pending against petitioner and, if so, the style of the case and the court in which it is pending; and
(i) That the change of name will not be detrimental to any other person.